Julie worked with me at Flume Press and Watershed literary magazine, and her work was outstanding. Julie is well organized and efficient, and she brings an uncommon passion to her work. She was great help, and I enjoyed working with her

.--Casey Huff, Professor Emeritus

Julie is an exceptional editor who shows not only a deep commitment to her work but a natural eye for creativity. An asset to any project.

--Charles O'Hay, Poet, Author, Editor

Julie is wonderful Editor, and all around hardworking wordsmith, that has a depth of talent in writing few could compete with; Julie is a living comprehensive encyclopedia of all things books and writing: authors, genre, styles, techniques, editing, industry, and electronic formats, and all the obscure idiosyncrasies of editing different electronic formats. The things that take years to learn and apply in modern editing Julie knows well, applying this knowledge with a natural fludity and ease. Julie knows how to get the editing job done, sometimes it is working with a best selling writer, or a new author, Julie has the knowedge and skill to bring out the best in their work. I can recommend Julie Ricks enthusiastically for all things that involve the written word in all of its modern formats.

--Robert Senger, Lead Partner, Senger Investments

I hired Julie to help put my ebooks at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. She has endless patience and works well with others. And I like her.

--J. Lee Taylor, Author

Having Julie as a classmate helped enrich my learning experience. She is inquisitive and engaged, which are important traits to look for in an editor. Beyond that, she makes a point of being well-informed. Always pleasant to work with and interact with, Julie listens and delivers every time.

--Margot Zook, Search Consultant, Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants

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